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Dreamy Creamy Chicken PieAllegra McEvedy
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Dreamy Creamy Chicken Pie


  • A chicken*; size depends on your family

  • Couple of fat carrots, peeled

  • Couple of sticks celery

  • A decent sized onion, halved and peeled

  • Bulb of garlic

  • Whatever branch herbs you have around: bay, rosemary, thyme

  • Couple of leeks, sliced and washed (chuck the hairy roots in the stock)

  • 2 big handfuls of mushrooms, destalked, washed and quartered (chuck the stalks in the stock)

  • 1 chicken stockpot tub ie Knorr, organic is better

  • 80g butter

  • 40g flour

  • 1 pack shortcrust pastry (pre-rolled for swiftness)

  • An egg yolk + 1 tbsp milk = eggwash

  • Salt & pepper


*always buy the highest animal welfare you can afford; ideally free-range but anything other than intensive farming is an improvement in their lives (also better flavour too).


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